The week-end of Vallulunga has not left the mark as in V-Action Racing Team. The team of Brescia has not managed to make the overtaking in the general classification to the damages of the leader Cosimo Barberini, winner two the race of the weekend. But the V-Action Racing Team gone from the team manager Daniele Vernuccio has gone out of the roman transfer with even more loaded, wish and consciousness of the own means. For the points from diamond of the V-Action Racing Team, the swedish Joakim Darbom and the finn Juuso-Matti Pajuranta, placing honour has arrived with Juuso-Matti Pajuranta for twice second at the flag to squares so like Joakim Darbom to two competitions in third position. The satisfactions are not missed with the double victory in the classification of the “Gentlemen Driver” by Franco Caruso. The expert driver of V-Action Racing Team has closed his proofs in fourth position in race-1 and in fifth in race-2. Reverse results for the youngest Andrea Mabellini with the driver accompanied in his adventure with Mirabella Mille Miglia: he’s more comfort to the Abarth car of 695 Evo. Positive return after the absence in Austria of the turkish driver Kuzey Eroldu: seventh in race-1 and eleventh race-2. More in difficulty has seemed Biagio Caruso with the young driver to close his performances with the eleventh and twelfth place. In his land well it has upset Alessio Campoli with the eleventh position in race-1 and octave in race-2 at home circuit.

The team manager Daniele Vernuccio: “We’ll get our own back”

“We are disappointed from the weekend in Vallelunga. We certainly hoped for a different result. We realized we had a technical gap to fill in with the leader Cosimo Barberini: aspects on which we have already started to work in view of the upcoming match of the championship. I personally congratulate to Juuso-Matti Pajuranta and Joakim Darbom for the result of the weekend. Despite the technical problems, there have been excellent races. I am also very pleased with the progress made by Andrea Mabellini both in terms of lap-dry and race old. To improve now there is constancy but the driver’s capacity is there and is visible. Franco Caruso’s weekend was great and he was in good shape and temperament. The quality that the driver expert possesses and which are finally released in combination. Kuzey Eroldu’s return was also great after his absence in Austria. It was not easy to get back in the car after a long time. It was only for the jump-start in race-2. For Alessio Campoli perhaps they have affected the “distractions” of the home fans, but overall the author of two good races. Last but not least is the difficult weekend of Biagio Caruso with the driver below his expectations but I hope of his ready ransom already in the next race”.

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